Fortunate to have a boiler for heating

I live in an area that is well-known for the long winters, severe cold and tremendous amount of annual snow accumulation.

For us, the cold weather is an expensive and labor-intensive challenge.

We need a heating system that can handle temperatures down to twenty-five below zero. The heater often operates for eight months, making energy efficiency a big priority. I am fortunate to have a boiler for heating my home. There are a lot of benefits to this style of heating system. Because it is a hydronic heating system, using water rather than air to convey heat energy, it doesn’t introduce contaminants such as dust and bacteria. It operates silently and there’s none of the energy waste associated with ductwork. The heat is infused into the air for a more gentle and consistent temperature from floor to ceiling. Boiler heating eliminates drafts and there’s very little stratification. It doesn’t overly dry out the air and requires the help of a humidifier. Because water heats up quicker than air, the boiler doesn’t need to run as long or as often as a furnace. In our home, we have a radiant system concealed beneath the floors. I like that the equipment takes up no space and doesn’t negatively impact the decor. Furniture doesn’t need to be arranged to expose vents. One of the best features of a boiler is the wonderful versatility. A boiler can link to radiant flooring, baseboard heaters, radiators or even towel warmers. Zoned control is easy to set up and helps to trim monthly costs and personalize comfort levels. I don’t need to keep the whole house at one temperature or heat rooms that aren’t in use. Probably the only drawback of a boiler is the lack of a cooling mode. In my local area, this isn’t a problem. Our summer seasons are so short that a window air conditioner is all we need.

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