Weather is slowly warming up

The weather is quickly warming up, which means spring is on it’s way! I love spring, it always makes me feel super happy.

  • Spring has been one of my favorite seasons for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, all of the seasons have their benefits, but spring is always so beautiful, and everything is in bloom. Really, the only thing I can say I don’t like about spring is the fact that it’s probably the busiest season for me. Once spring hits, I start planting a ton of seeds in my garden, and remove the dead plants that died over winter. Unfortunately, since the flowers are coming back, so are the weeds. Then I have to spend so much time carefully removing all of the weeds without their seeds dropping into the grounds and creating a future problem for me. Another thing that I always have to remember to do is to get my HVAC system maintenance. I probably could go a year or two without heating and cooling maintenance, but I always like to be on the safe side and get the local HVAC corporation to confirm that my heater and air conditioning is still in good working condition. I guess because I am worried that summer would come and be too much for my A/C, and then it would break and I would be stuck without cooling. Better to be safe than sorry and go ahead and have a HVAC professional check my HVAC device and ensure it is good for summertime, then save money and not know.

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