The supervisor at the ice cream shop watched us all morning

My sibling and I own a small dealer that focuses on heating and plumbing repairs.

We also service air conditionings, however the two of us live in a section of the country where truly few people have the need for artificial cooling.

My sibling and I stayed truly busy with the heating and plumbing repairs. We have been especially busy lately due to the intense need for air purification systems and air filtration equipment. My sibling and I have been installing 3 or 4 air purification systems and air filtration items every week; Last Monday, a new purchaser called to enlist our Heating and plumbing dealer services. The owner of the ice cream shop wanted to install an air purification system in the lobby. I agreed to take the job and I went to the shop to speak with the owner in detail about the upgrade. The owner and I agreed on service fees and the two of us discussed the unit that the two of us would arena in the lobby, yesterday was the morning that the owner chose for our upgrade service date. My sibling and I decided to tackle the job together, because the two of us were relatively slow on that morning. My sibling and I arrived with the air purification system and all of our supplies. The supervisor told us where the equipment needed to be set up and the two of us started working. The supervisor watched us labor all morning, then he did not leave our side. I am not sure if he thought the two of us were going to steal the ice cream or complete the job incorrectly, however it was a truly uncomfortable morning. I was blissful when the job was done and finished.


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