The corner store was the last venue I expected to find air filters

I was incredibly disappointed when I couldn’t find any air filters at the hardware store, then they are usually stocked to the brim but apparently people rushed to get air filters at the same time.

There were actually a few air filters left, but a size that our Heating plus A/C plan would not take, but i briefly considered the option of splitting one to size plus somehow rigging it to fit in our Heating plus A/C system, but after that I thought that was easily not a good idea.

I ended up going to a few other venues plus still couldn’t find the size of air filter I needed. Then when I went to the corner store to choice up some cigarettes, I was shocked when I saw a sign that said HEPA air filters were on sale. I went to look at the HEPA air filters plus they were the right size for our Heating plus A/C system! I ended up buying a bunch of them plus I was easily gleeful when I was able to change our old nasty air filter. I never actually used HEPA air filters before either, I typically figured they were too high-priced. They were surprisingly still high-priced while they were on sale plus I figured that’s why everyone didn’t buy them. I was just desperate to have our air filter changed though so the price didn’t bother myself and others too much. I was telling that woman at the gas station that I went all over looking for air filters plus the last venue I expected to find air filters was at the corner store, but she smiled plus said she was gleeful to be able to help myself and others out.


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