Quick transfer requires temporary housing

With my current position comes a real salary so I might even be able to buy a starter house

My head is always on a swivel. So much has happened in such a short period of time that I will still wake up sometimes wondering just where I am. My life was totally changed & up ended however in a superb way. The last few years, I have been working hard on our first career job since graduating college. This is has been the ” paying your dues” period. And then it happened. I got summoned to meeting with the immense boss & was given a promotion. But it came with a distant transfer so I would have to be figuring out some sort of temporary housing. My supplier sent me to the corporate housing system initially. However, when I saw what they were calling corporate suites, I balked at it. The corporate housing was little more than a tiny efficiency condo & that was being generous. While I enjoyed the option, I just didn’t assume that would be a comfortable option even temporarily. So, I got on our metaphorical horse & started to scour the current region for a more adequate temporary or month to month housing. I was able to locate some fully furnished apartments that had a month to month lease. So, I could have our belongings moved out later & into storage. Having the fully furnished condo allowed me to hit the ground running & be 100% able to fully focus on our current position. Once our stuff got settled in our current town, I could then take our time finding a more suitable housing situation. With my current position comes a real salary so I might even be able to buy a starter house. That would be very appealing. But until then our short term condo rental will be a blessing.
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