Never told my wife that I was highly allergic to cats

I know it’s important to share everything with your significant other, but I never told her that I was highly allergic to cats.

I guess it’s something that made me feel vulnerable like I had some kind of pathetic weakness. I honestly hoped it was something that never had to come up. Unfortunately there came a time when there was suddenly a cat in our home. When I was asking her about where the cat came from, she told me how she found it outside in the cold and it seemed lost. I thought I could deal with this cat temporarily, but it was tough. I was sneezing and wheezing like crazy and I tried to stay away from the cat, but the animal fur was building around the house. I suddenly had cat fur on my clothing and everything. When I saw how clogged the air filter was, I tried to use that as an excuse. My wife said I wasn’t fooling anybody, she could tell that I was allergic to the cat. She told me that I should have told her about that a long time ago. I lamely told her how I didn’t want to feel weak in front of her, and she laughed at me after that. She said that was the craziest thing she had ever heard. Then she brought on the guilt trip saying that if I had been in a coma, she wouldn’t have known of a severe allergy like that which I had. I told her we could keep the cat and had an air purification system installed. Now I change the air filters regularly and keep my air purification system serviced.



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