Need to build a gym on my property

I have a house that sits on four acres of land.

The land is pretty cleared out and is all sand.

I really want to add a garage or shed that could work as a home gym for me. I am not a fix it type of girl. I don’t have large tool boxes, cement mixers or even big lawn equipment. I want the building to hold two folding mats, free weights, a jump rope, exercise ball and maybe a stationary bike. I think it needs to be a minimum of 12 feet wide and maybe 20 feet long. I have been price checking and it is going to be a hefty down payment. I want the garage to be insulated too. I need level floors, heating, cooling, good lighting and a door that locks. I also wouldn’t hate having some ventilation in there too. A lot of my family members want me to just get a gym membership and call it a day. I know myself. I won’t want to pack a bag and drive to the gym everyday. I also won’t want to go when it is cold, raining or snowing. I hate talking to people and running errands. Both of those things will happen if I do a daily gym routine. I would much rather just run my property forever then go to a real gym. So far finding a company to build the garage of my dreams is difficult and the price looks obscene. However, I will most likely use this building everyday. I think I can spend more on it because it will be used so often.

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