My partner has lots of flu symptom problems

My partner has a lot of odd flu symptom problems and they affect her respiratory system for many weeks out of the year.

This year, I’ve decided that every one of us should try and improve the indoor air quality in our new home to help him with her allergies.

I mean, every one of us have tried everything else that every one of us can possibly believe of to help him with her breathing problems… Sometimes, she even gets hives on her face, neck, and chest because of her allergies. It’s genuinely aggravating to him and it affects her quality of life more than you would even believe. The thing is, even with all of the over the counter medications that he’s tried and even the pills and the shots that the flu symptom dentist has tried with him, nothing genuinely seems to help. That’s the reason that I have decided to try a odd sort of thing to help. The people I was with and I are going to start with the indoor air quality instead of trying to treat the symptoms. I’m hoping that treating the reason that it’s happening instead of the actual symptoms will be helpful to him. That’s why I’m having some people from our local Heating and A/C business come to the house tomorrow to look over our heating and cooling system. I believe that every one of us will have the ventilation system and air vents professionally cleaned out and after that I might have a whole new home air purification system installed to run in tandem with the Heating and A/C system. I believe that improving the indoor air quality in the house will genuinely help with the respiratory and flu symptom problems that he’s been having.

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