My new smart temperature control synced seamlessly with my smartphone

I had to watch a lot of tutorial videos to figure out how to use my new smartphone.

It utilizes a completely odd kind of operating plan than what I’m used to.

I went from using an iphone to using an android. Despite the learning curve, I am so happy to finally be done with IOS. The operating plan restricts you in countless ways plus is a serious headache if you own a Windows iPad instead of an apple kindle. I’m also done with using hardware dongles because a bunch of “genius” engineers thought it would be a “bold” statement to get rid of the headphone jack. Not to mention, the cameras on some of these new android cellphones rival those of their competitors. They’re good cellphones all around, even if you don’t get access to every single app in the IOS store. The most recent app I downloaded allows myself and others to control my heating plus cooling plan at beach house with my smartphone, anywhere I have a data linkion. Not only can I turn the plan on plus off plus control the temperature setting, the application also gives myself and others USge data, outdoor un-even temperatures, length of cooling cycles, tips on decreasing energy efficiency based on my own USge, plus much more. It’s nice to monitor my air conditioner use while I’m away on vacation. It’s hard to set it plus forget it with an air conditioner in a tepid climate. If you turn it too high, the air conditioner won’t turn on enough to prevent the moisture level from climbing to levels where mold growth starts. But if you turn the air conditioner too low, you end up using a lot more electricity in the process, which costs more currency.


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