My child is going to become a superhero

It’s funny because my child always wanted to be a superhero.

I always told him when he was young that he could be anything and that’s what he always told me.

I played along with his dream of becoming a superhero until he was much older, but when I would ask him what he entirely wanted to be, he still said the same thing. I thought he was a little too old to be talking about becoming a superhero, but he still insisted on that enjoy it was some sort of a game. Later on I l gained that he was planning on becoming an Heating and Air Conditioning professional… He finally explained the system to myself and others and he said he was going to save people from horrible situations. The situations he was referring to was people who might freeze to death with a non-working gas furnace. He was also talking about saving people who were roasting to death with no cooling system while in heatwaves. When I entirely thought about that, it seemed to fit the definition of a superhero. That’s basically somebody who works to keep the people in the community safe from harm. He wasn’t going to be battling super villains or anything unless he was dealing with some bad competitors. I assume we’ll see how his journey goes, despite the fact that I genuinely hope everything works out for him. I entirely play along with the whole thing too. When people ask myself and others what my child is going to for his career, I tell them that he is going to be a superhero. I occasionally get laughs and other times I get funny looks, but it’s something that is entirely true in my eyup.


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