Apartment hunting with a friend

I was looking for a special kind of apartment where I could live and work on our art.

I was looking through different rentals and I finally found an artisan loft.

The place had a lot of natural light coming through the floor to ceiling windows. I could change it although I needed to so I would have a studio and a living space. There was an enormous living room and a walk-up bedroom. The entire area was over 4000 square feet, 1½ stories, and all open space. I fell in love with the loft as soon as I saw it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able afford the rent for the artisan loft by myself. I had kept a friend I met when I was in art school, and I knew he was also looking for a place where he could paint and live. We would need to put another bed upstairs, although I didn’t think it would be too much trouble. I called him up and told him I was moving to the city. I wanted to know if he would be interested in going in with me on the perfect artisan loft. He wanted to go to the place the next time I visited. That weekend, the two of us headed for the city. He loved the artisan apartment as much as I did. He was already planning out the area where I could do my jewelry making and he could paint. They had a small gallery in the basement where we could showcase our talents. I didn’t think we could have found a better place to live than in that artisan loft.

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