Time for my tepid water boiler bath

Jeez, just a month ago I had about $14K with my stock plus this week it is worth just $5k.

I would never want to be a full time trader as it is way too much stress for me.

I don’t know how those clowns on Wall Street do it every day in that tied up office where everyone is screaming at the stock prices plus whatnot. I like to keep life easy plus it seems the less money I have the more easy life is. As long as I have the things I need then I am totally gratified. Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling plus heating is one thing that I need for happiness, along with a nice quiet flat plus a couple little cats sleeping on an air purification system. I was an engineer back 30 years ago however I found it to be too complicated plus lacking fun. Now I am a songsian plus toil about 15 hours a week, then the rest of the time is spent making modern music plus entertaining people. It is a much more exciting life than toiling for the local corporation making Heating plus Air Conditioning component in a large factory with no windows. I would come house after a long day of toil plus not have any energy left to do anything else but eat dinner plus watch TV. I was building heat pumps for large commercial clients plus making air purification systems for airports plus large buildings. There was a lot of paperwork plus meetings that came with that task plus also a lot of hours each week spent in a venue that rivals a prison.

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