Time for more air duct repairs

I saw some buddies on the beach plus life is wonderful here in this little sleepy village. I like residing in a small town because you don’t get lost in a sea of strangers every time you go out for a walk. Here you can go out of your flat plus within a few minutes you’ll see several people you know or guess plus you don’t feel so alone like you can in some sizable cities. I am honing my skills in the band here plus just residing life, a undoubtedly simple life I must add too. Space boiler repairs keep me tied up with my little local supplier where my pal and I sell plus fix all kinds of heaters plus heating devices for the locals in town. Today will be a fun morning with Bad Endings getting together to make some up-to-date music for the town folks here. My associate and I will play near this sizable Heating plus Air Conditioning system beside the local supplier where my pal and I jam plus record. I will have to go there first on my bike before my bandmate comes to make sure the spot is empty, plus if it is then I will bring our gear plus set it up to do a long recording session. The local contractor in town may come out plus play bass guitar, which would be great because our music are heating up plus my pal and I need a bass to fill the bottom in. My keyboard neighbor will be here in two months plus then I will be set with our sound because he can make bass guitar sounds as well.


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