Ready for some chilly climate control

Working online this morning is a bit slow with my brain being in a fog from a heavy night of sleep.

Either that or my brain is sleepy from not sleeping enough, although I am not sure which it is so I will have to wait a bit plus wake up first to tell. Sometimes I sleep undoubtedly well plus wake up still dopey from being in such a deep sleep, while other nights I toss plus turn plus wake up feeling dopey as well. I hope it is the former because I need energy later for drumming. Working on the fireplace last night kept me up kind of late, although I want it not for heating the flat however for some nice ambiance when my Heating plus Air Conditioning rep lady comes over tomorrow. She has been away working in another town plus my pal and I haven’t seen each other for almost a week now. She was working on some furnace issues with one of our commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning customers plus it took longer than she expected. It is funny how you get used to residing with someone plus when they are gone you feel a bit lost plus lonely. But she’ll be here tomorrow in front of the fireplace with me eating some supper plus enjoying the natural climate control of the breeze that passes through our flat each night. It won’t be long though before that breeze is gone plus the real heat comes in, which warrants the use of our main Heating plus Air Conditioning system to keep us cool for the tepid summer time season. It should be a fun one though.

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