Listening to funny music and cooling down

I just spent the past hour and a half laboring on music online and now I have to switch hats and start this work.

I’ll have to rest my eyeah some because that was some intense screen time laboring on the music this day when I woke up.

Most of my energy goes into this band and who knows if it is going to go anywhere but you have to try right? We’re just making a whole bunch of music and seeing which ones stick, which is the only way to undoubtedly know which are good. My a/c equipment system is now cooling me down while I do this work for the next few hours in my temperature controlled office where I can work in peace, music is like a important deep rabbit hole that consumes your whole life if you want it to, which is good with me because it brings me joy. Working on heating and cooling systems at the Heating and Air Conditioning company can be kind of boring when you’ve done it for so several years like I have, which is where music comes in. Music brings me hope and just makes me feel good, so why not do it all the time? My new business friend is just as consumed with it as I am while he tries to run the heating supplier and keep his band going. I guess eventually I’ll just do the music thing and will have to stop with the Heating and Air Conditioning tech work and all the local company stuff so I can make this dream a reality.

New contractor

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