Keeping my cool toiling on heaters

I am almost done with my workday plus it is only 1:30pm, which means I get more time to meditate plus do yoga.

I also have to go to the fruit rest plus get a bunch of plums plus other fruits.

It will be an straight-forward night too because I will just do a short workout with my friend plus then go watch the sunset on the pier plus relax. Tonight I will legitimately watch some documentary about the sea with my cats plus chill out in my little office. I will be comfortable with my heating component keeping us all sizzling while we snuggle under some blankets beside the media air cleaner. I like to watch things about nature, plus documentaries are cool because I usually learn something from watching them. I sometimes watch infomercials about HVAC device plus hot water heaters, however that can get kind of boring, so I like to put in a nice nature flick sometimes too. Tomorrow is Wednesday plus I need to get to bed early tonight because we will be playing music for a few hours next to the church. The local supplier near the church is going to pay us to do a show in two more weeks, which is nice because they have a fireplace next to the stage heating the performers while they bear their hearts to the audience. It should be a great show plus if it goes well, which it will, they will pay us more plus have us do a show there every week! Life is great plus getting better.
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