Heating business opening soon

Today is going to be a really easy day except for a short back and biceps workout at some point this afternoon.

I am letting my voice rest and won’t be talking all day till we meet up and play music later.

I need to get in a workout though because I haven’t done any back and biceps for about a week now. I like to do four days a week of working out, but I lost my workout partner to love and I’ve been playing in the band a lot lately and haven’t had time. But climate control or not, I will workout in my flat or out in the heat where the temps have been heating up quite quickly the past few weeks. It is going to start getting really hot out soon and I will be in my flat most of the day till 6pm to avoid the strong summer sun. I will run the air con system today and test out the new HEPA filter I bought last week at the local HVAC store. I think it is going to help a lot with my asthma because I am allergic to dust and pollen and it can make it tough to breathe sometimes. I think the new washable air con filter is going to do the trick and help me with my breathing issue. I am also going to go to the pharmacy today and get an inhaler in case I have an asthma fit when we are getting ready to play in the streets later on this evening.


Cooling and heating business

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