Having fun toiling on cooling devices

I went to the bank plus got my account fixed plus I am so relieved now, as there had been a few months of problems with my account but now it is fixed plus all is well again.

I am going to write two more articles plus then I am doing my little yoga session followed by an hour of meditation in front of a sand timer.

I put the hourglass in front of me plus kneel for an hour while I meditate plus watch the sand pass through the glass as I empty my mind over plus over. Heating pumps through the Heating plus Air Conditioning system as I quietly learn patience plus quiet my mind, which creates a better life in the end as patience is pretty much needed all of the time in life, then patience helps when doing Heating plus Air Conditioning component toil when things aren’t going as planned, plus it also helps when carrying a heavy heat pump up a bunch of stairs in a building that has no elevator. I have been meditating for about 15 years plus I have noticed that I am not only more patient however I am not as miserable as I used to be. My cooling tech neighbor helped me get into meditation while we worked at the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier doing HVAC duct sales plus service for clients in town. Now I do it every day plus it is like brushing my teeth with the great habit I got into with meditation plus I have my neighbor to thank. If I didn’t do Heating plus Air Conditioning component toil at that local supplier I may never have started.

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