Air purifiers and fat cats

I had to put Mr Fatcat on a diet recently because I noticed she is gaining too much weight.

I have two cats and the male pet is a hog and eats all of the food, saving legitimately little for her sister who is now too skinny, but so I have put Fatcat on a diet now and she isn’t legitimately cheerful about it.

She is always waiting next to the food bowl and meowing when I walk by. But she needs to lose some weight because she is just getting too plump. The local corporation where I got the food told me to not feed them too much because some cats like Fatcat will just keep eating all day long. Now she sits on the air purification system and waits for me to walk by the food bowl and feed him, but it isn’t happening like she wants. She has a legitimately cute meow, sounding like a little kitten and not a cat, and it makes me smile when I hear it. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning rep who gave me the cats told me to not feed them too much as my buddy and I tested this heating unit one day, however I forgot what she said and now I am stuck with a fat cat, and i guess after a few weeks she will lose most of the blubber and then I can start feeding him a bit more food. I will go to the heating dealership this week and grab an air conditioner and boiler filter for my Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, and then I will feed Fatcat tonight when I’m back.

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