A short song and a fast space heater

I sound totally nuts in the songs our band makes, oh my gosh.

Sometimes I wonder if I am losing my mind or something, with the crazy stuff I do when we play songs.

But I guess you need to push the limits, and try to reach into places that you have never gone before, to see what comes out of it. A lot of my music comes from the pain in my life, but I try to turn it into joy somehow so that it makes other people happy. I did this with comedy in local businesses for 15 years, but I grew tired of playing in climate controlled places and wanted to switch things up and play music outside in the streets. Comedy in the streets doesn’t go over so well, but music seems to work very well and we also make some decent money playing. The HVAC tech at the HVAC business told us that if we keep on improving like we have been the past year that we will hit the bigtime in less than two years. I don’t know about that but I do like singing and playing drums in the band, so let’s see what happens. As long as we have a fireplace or heating during the winters I can play year round, and in the summertime a good portable a/c system outside would help keep us cool in those beach bars that are going to pay us well to perform. I am pretty excited about summer coming and all the tourists coming into town.
Help with indoor comfort

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