My mom’s furnace isn’t working right

My mom’s furnace isn’t working right.

I have no idea what is wrong with her furnace, but it just won’t get the house up to temperature. My mom lives in a really small house, so it doesn’t take much for the furnace to heat the house. At least, that is what you would think. The furnace simply can’t get the house up to temperature, but it always used to. There is something wrong with the furnace obviously, but the problem is, she can’t get an HVAC company out to fix it. They are really busy right now, and they are short staffed because of the pandemic. They told us that they have less than half of the employees working than they usually do. I feel really bad, but my mom simply can’t live in that house without the furnace working properly. The house gets down to thirty-five degrees at times, and that is simply not acceptable. I told my mom that she needs to move in with me until she can get her furnace fixed. She says that she will be fine, but I think that she is beginning to realize that she will not be fine. It is too cold in her house, and she knows it. I hope that she takes me up on my offer and moves in with me for a little while. The HVAC company said that they could possibly have someone out next week, but they are not sure. I just hope that her furnace doesn’t die completely because her pipes would freeze and cause a much bigger issue.
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