I dropped my air purifier while moving

I dropped my air purifier while moving, and it broke.

I am one of the most clumsy people that I know.

It is often quite embarrassing to me. I don’t like thinking about how many times I have embarrassed myself by tripping and falling in front of people. During my high school graduation ceremony, I tripped while walking down the stairs of the stage. I fell onto an older lady who was trying to keep me from falling. I ended up breaking her arm. It was one of the most embarrassing days of my life. I felt so bad for her, and I was completely humiliated in front of the entire student body and their families and friends. I did not end up going to college just because of how scared I was of something like that happening again. My husband and I just moved into a new home, and I decided to bring my old air purifier with me to our new house. My husband told me that I should just leave the old air purifier and buy a new one for our new house, but I was stubborn and didn’t want to get rid of my old air purifier. I really loved my old air purifier that I used for years and years. Well, I went to take the air purifier out of the moving truck, and I fell and dropped the air purifier. The air purifier fell down a few stairs and broke into several pieces. My clumsiness got the best of me again. At least it wasn’t as embarrassing as my high school graduation, but I still lost my favorite air purifier.

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