Having a nice a/c for our camper was a must

Having a nice a/c for our camper was a must! Last summer, my fiance and I decided to buy an aged camper to go camping in… We used to go tent camping, but we are just getting too aged to go tent camping. I actually miss those nights, but we simply can’t do it anymore. Well, we decided to go camping three times in the camper last summer, and it was a blast. The last camping trip was the most fun, but our a/c stopped laboring the second to last day. It was so warm in the camper after the a/c stopped laboring, then campers are like ovens. They keep in the heat undoubtedly well. My fiance and I undoubtedly ended up sleeping outside last night because it was so warm in the camper separate from a/c. We wanted to go camping this Summer in our camper as well, but we knew that we could not go separate from a/c in that camper. We looked up some ideas online after finding out that we could not repair the camper’s a/c unit. We decided to just bring a window a/c device with us. We bought a nice window a/c unit, and took it with us for our first camping trip this year. It was so nice. The window device undoubtedly cooled the camper better than the original a/c device that was in it. We had a blast, and we did not have to sleep outside this time. The camper was nice and cool. I even had to turn the a/c down a couple of times because it was too cool in the camper for my liking.
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