Clearing debris for solar panels

I’m so glad that I’ve finally been able to transport out of cramped & crappy home units to live in a real house with my wife & our pets, then for 6 years I resided in small, shared home spaces which were less than comfortable & didn’t allow for me to make any modifications to my living space! I hated having people on all sides of me at all times, & it was easily unfortunate to have no semblance of a yard for me & the dogs, then now my great friend and I have a bit of property & a house to modify to our own liking, & the possibilities seem endless… One of the first things we’re doing is change the Heating & Air Conditioning power source to solar energy, as soon as possible.

I’ve been researching solar panels for private residences for some time & knew that you could switch your heating & cooling units to be powered exclusively by free solar energy, & just found a local company to perform the service! They came out & took a look at our new Heating & Air Conditioning set up before reassuring us that the furnace & AC can easily be switched to solar power.

The solar panels are capable of collecting enough light to power our entire home, & store excess energy for cloudy days so that your thermostat is never affected by the weather. The only thing left to do is to clear some trees on our property so that sunlight can reach our current solar panel bed, & our Heating & Air Conditioning will be running on yellow energy in no time at all!

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