Buying dream house

I am so excited, because my partner and I are buying my dream house, but literally.

I have this repeated dream, in which we’re located at a charming dwelling on a nice piece of property, and although the conditions of the dream are constantly changing, the household is typically exactly the same.

I might be there with my partner or my family, or just some random friends, even, however the exposed beams of the dwelling are typically identical. The other thing that I typically note, is that the dwelling has zone controlled heating installed. I know that’s a really uncommon thing to dream about, however I’m typically uncomfortable indoors when I’m trying to share the temperature control with another gathering. I feel like it’s severely difficult to find just the right temperature setting for more than two people, and I’d like my guests to typically be comfortable with my air conditions when they visit. That’s why the modernized temperature control, complete with a touch pad monitor, typically makes it into my REM cycle. I find myself changing each guest room to the exact particularations of my visitors, and they can decide how much or how little air conditioning system and central heating they would like. I can’t wait to do this in real life, and I guess it will really impress everyone who stops by when they get to customize their own temperature control. I hope my great friend and I can find a household equipped with zone controlled heating and cooling sooner rather than later, because I can’t wait much longer to experience that level of luxury, either!


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