They Didn’t Know Anything About Their HVAC System

Before I moved into this house, I asked for the heat and air records.

When I first made my request, I observed that the previous owners were shocked, and they were not prepared for someone to ask about the HVAC records and I could tell that they had no idea what to provide me.

To make things easier, I asked them if they could just provide me a general rundown on their involvement with caring for their HVAC system, and i thought that they would tell me about the frequency in which they ran tests on their HVAC system, any major troubles they experienced, or even the age of the HVAC system. To my surprise, they couldn’t provide me a single piece of information… According to them, the HVAC system ran just great and they hadn’t experienced any troubles with either the heating system or air conditioner that were worth noting; Upon hearing this, I contemplated not purchasing the house because I didn’t know what the state of the HVAC system would be, however, everything else about the house was perfect and I didn’t want to pass up on purchasing it just because of the HVAC system. HVAC systems could be replaced, even though they were extravagant. I could not change the location of the house or the bones, so it was more pressing for me to find a house that I entirely liked and worry about the HVAC system later, and once I had the keys to the house, I right away called an HVAC supplier to schedule a thorough tune up. I’m particularly cheerful I did this because the HVAC professional told me all that needed to be replaced was the air filter, then everything else was fine.
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