The Right Temperature for Church

In our modern church, the temperature is so perfect.

My partner’s job recently transferred him to a modern station half way across the country. At first, the family was pretty worried about having to leave our great condo up North plus transport out West where my buddy and I didn’t know anyone. But after a few weeks of packing, my buddy and I all seemed to start to get kind of excited about moving somewhere new. My pal and I found a nice property close to my partner’s modern job location, plus the family grew closer together as my buddy and I packed plus planned out adventures to take as a family in the the modern neighborhood that my buddy and I were moving to. The most difficult part for us was leaving our church family plus trying to find a modern one that would compare to the one that my buddy and I were leaving. My pal and I enjoyed our church. It was a small country church, plus almost everyone seemed to know almost everyone. Once my buddy and I moved out West, my buddy and I visited a couple churches plus prayed about which one my buddy and I should start attending officially, and eventually, my buddy and I chose one, plus though it is much larger that what my buddy and I were used to, it is honestly a great church. As funny as it may sound, one of my preferred parts about the modern church is the temperature that they keep the building at. In our church up North, the auditorium was consistently so cold. I wore jackets to church no matter if it was December or June. In our modern church, the temperature is so perfect. I never feel too chilly or too warm. No more jackets in June for me. I am so thankfully that the whole family has been able to adjust to our modern condo plus to our modern church were the temperature is perfect, plus the people are friendly.


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