The Ductwork Needed Cleaned

Lately, I’ve noticed a faint smell in my house.

In the beginning, I thought something was rotting and I scoured the entire house to find wherever it was.

After a thorough deep cleanse of the place, the smell was still there. The more I sat and smelled the odor, the more I realized that my house smelled musty. The closer I got to the air vents, the more it smelled. Again, my mind immediately assumed that something was rotting, but within my ductwork. I didn’t know how to clean my ductwork or what I’d find, so I hired an HVAC company to come do it for me. The HVAC technician that showed up noticed the smell as well and he got to work examining and cleaning the ductwork. I was surprised when he told me that nothing had died in the ductwork, and the smell was just because my ductwork needed to be cleaned. I’d never had my ductwork cleaned before because I didn’t know they needed maintenance like that. The HVAC technician told me that my ductwork needed to be cleaned at least every three to five years and it would make a big impact on my air quality. I didn’t think this would be true, but a few hours after he was finished, I noticed a huge difference. The air felt so much cleaner and the smell was completely gone! I am so glad that I had my ductwork cleaned properly by an HVAC technician. I know I won’t forget to do it again.



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