The Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced

I’ve always been told that it’s essential to replace your air filter every one to three months depending on the season and your living arrangements.

I thought one to three months was a little excessive, so I tended to hold out on replacing my air filter as long as I could.

Unfortunately, the longer I would wait to replace my air filter, the further from my mind it would drift. I would find myself forgetting about my air filter for as much as six months at a time! Basically, the air filter wouldn’t get replaced until the HVAC professional came to service my HVAC system. Every time the HVAC professional realized that I’d neglected my air filter, he’d lecture me about the importance of replacing it every one to three months. After hearing it, I would vow that I’d replace it next time and do a better job. However, I would forget about it again and again and my air filter was really neglected. A few weeks ago though, that all stopped because my air filter became so clogged that it affected my heat pump! The heat pump stopped taking in air and heating it for my house, which was how I noticed the problem in the first place. My house was cold and there was no heat coming through the air vents. As soon as I realized this, my mind immediately went to the air filter. I quickly replaced the air filter with a new one and waited to see if it helped. After an hour, I noticed that the airflow returned to normal and it was warm again.

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