Restaurants without A/C

Gardening plus landscaping is my forte.

To me, there is nothing like a attractive landscape filled with all sorts of strange flowers plus plants.

I really feel that any building, no matter how aged or used, can be turned in to an eye catching sight if the landscaping is done properly. This is where I come in; I toil strenuous to make people’s house plus companies rest out with attractive landscaping. Oftentimes, I am outside in the blazing sun for eight hours a day. The only time I am relieved from this heat, while at work, is during lunch break. I take an hour lunch cut from twelve o’clock to one o’clock no matter where I’m laboring or who I’m laboring for. I find a local restaurant plus rest in a nice air conditioned locale while I eat. I have never had any trouble with any of the restaurants that I have been to with one exception. They are usually nice plus cool plus the staff is friendly, and however last week, I went to a local eating establishment plus sat down to eat. I order plus then observed that the temperature was rising. It was getting warmer plus warmer. I asked my waiter if he could turn the A/C up, he said that he was not able to plus walked away. It kept getting hotter, plus by the time my food got to me, it was so hot that I was dripping with sweat, plus I had lost my appetite. I asked to take it to go, plus I ended up driving a local grocery store plus sitting on a bench inside to each my lunch. I hope this kind of thing never happens again, so that I can get a cut from the heat during my long nights at work.



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