Restaurants separate from AC

Gardening and landscaping is my forte.

To me, there is nothing like a appealing landscape filled with all sorts of unusual flowers and plants. I really believe that any building, no matter how ancient or used, can be turned in to an eye catching sight if the landscaping is done respectfully. This is where I come in; I work difficult to make people’s loft and corporations kneel out with appealing landscaping. Oftentimes, I am outside in the blazing sun for eight hours a day. The only time I am relieved from this heat, while at work, is during supper break. I take an hour supper break from twelve o’clock to one o’clock no matter where I’m working or who I’m working for. I find a local restaurant and rest in a nice air conditioned stadium while I eat. I have never had any trouble with any of the restaurants that I have been to with one exception. They are usually nice and cool and the staff is friendly, and however last week, I went to a local restaurant and sat down to eat. I order and then noticed that the temperature was rising. It was getting warmer and warmer. I asked my waiter if she could turn the AC up, she said that she was not able to and walked away. It kept getting hotter, and by the time my food got to me, it was so tepid that I was perspiring, and I had lost my appetite. I asked to take it to go, and I ended up driving a local grocery store and resting on a bench inside to each my supper. I hope this kind of thing never happens again, so that I can get a break from the heat during my long days at work.

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