Keeping Things Cool for my Husband’s Health

My husband has always been a heavy smoker.

Unfortunately, when he was young, smoking wasn’t frowned upon as much as it it today.

Both of his parents smoked, and Carson took up the terrible habit at the young age of fifteen. Carson has tried numerous times to quit smoking, but each time has ended in failure. About eight weeks ago, Carson was diagnosed with a rare lung disease caused by his heavy smoking habits. This definitely gave both of us a scare. The doctor said that if Carson didn’t stop smoking he would most certainly develop lung cancer within a few years. With this warning in mind, Carson tried harder than ever to quit smoking. Thank God, this time was a success. For the past eight weeks, he hasn’t smoked once, and he is already feeling much better. One thing that I do to help Carson is by making sure that everywhere he needs to go is air conditioned. Because of his lung disease, it is very difficult for him to breathe. It gets even harder for Carson to breathe when it’s hot and stuffy, so I make sure that the house is always cool and that the car is cool before he gets in it. If we are ever invited over to a friend’s house, I make sure that they have the house cool so that it doesn’t bother my husband’s breathing. Air conditioning has made my husband’s life so much easier, and I’m so glad to be able to help in this small way. Hopefully, Carson’s lungs will be able to heal and his breathing will improve, but until then, air conditioning is his best friend.

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