Stolen HVAC parts

My wife and I went away for vacation last week and when we came back everything was a disaster.

I walked into our house and noticed that it looked like a tornado went through the place.

I called the police right away. When they arrived they asked me to check the closet that the HVAC unit was in. apparently, this is the four case where someone has broken into a house in our neighborhood and stolen HVAC parts. When I opened the HVAC closet it looked like they took everything valuable out of our HVAC unit. They took all the copper wiring and the coils as well. I was shocked that this was happening in our area and we weren’t aware of it. I would have thought our neighbors would have told us before we went away for the weekend. The police told us to file a claim with our home insurance company. I thought this was going to be a nightmare, but it turned out the insurance company was able to replace our HVAC unit and ductwork. We had great coverage they said and it was all covered under our place. My wife was the one who set up our homeowners insurance so I made sure to tell her that I was thankful she did. I think we would have had to purchase a whole new HVAC system if we didn’t have the coverage and it would have all come out of our pockets. I glad we called the insurance company when I did!


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