No power

I labor for a undoubtedly giant IT supplier & my associate and I have about three hundred employees that labor in the office. Recently, a terrible storm came through our neighborhood & honestly cause a lot of devastation. Many people had destruction to their homes & other property. It was strenuous to drive around neighborhood & see everything after the storm had passed through! A study a news article that about 10,000 people were without power for over two weeks. I was not able to go to labor during that two week stage because my office was one of the building that lost power. I finally got an text from my boss saying that the coast was clear & my associate and I could return to work, I knew it was not going to be easy going back after having two weeks off. However, I did not expect it to be so bad. Apparently our Heating & A/C system was completely not working, I walked into the office & a wave of sizzling air hit me like a ton of bricks. I asked my boss if someone should call a local Heating & A/C supplier, however it looks like my associate and I are going to have to replace the whole heating & cooling system. The following afternoon there were about six Heating & A/C specialists in the office cause a ruckus. It was so loud & strenuous to concentrate on my labor that I asked if I could labor from home; Luckily, my boss agreed that everyone was allowed to labor from household until the Heating & A/C system was replaced. I am glad I can labor in silence & with a working heating & cooling system.


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