Need better ventilation in the cabin – Bad smell

My lady as well as I have been dating for about two years now.

Since my pal and I have been together for so long now she is starting to get pressure from her friends as well as family about when my pal and I are going to get married.

I undoubtedly am not ready to have those conversations yet. So in order to give myself sometime I asked her to transfer in with me. She said yes right away as well as my pal and I have been looking for a new locale ever since. My buddy and I finally found a condo at the beach that is perfect for us, but neither of us have lived at the beach before as well as my pal and I were both undoubtedly excited, however that was until my pal and I couldn’t take the smells anymore. I called a local Heating as well as A/C supplier to ask what my pal and I should do about the fish smell that is coming in from outside. The Heating as well as A/C serviceman I spoke with suggested that my pal and I have a new air cleaner installed in our beach condo as well as that should take care of the problem. However, after looking into the cost of a air cleaner I knew it was out of the question. They are drastically high-priced to purchase as well as install as well as sometimes they don’t even toil the way you want them to. I called another local Heating as well as A/C supplier for a second opinion as well as they said the same thing. I know my pal and I are going to have to start saving our money for a new air cleaner now.


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