My partner the handyman

She started to take apart the HVAC system piece by piece

There have been a lot of changes around our home in the past three months. I have been able to work remotely from our house, however my partner has not been so blessed, and she was laid off about two months ago and I feel poor saying it however she is driving me nuts. She is looking for a task however with everything going on in the world right now not several people are hiring; So she has taken it upon himself to try and fix anything in the home that she can. I have to disclose that she is doing a pretty great task, however last week she started toiling on our HVAC system and it was a total disaster. I thought at first she was just going to try and replace the air filter inside the HVAC unit. However, once she did that she thought it would be a great idea to tinker around with the HVAC unit and see if she could make it work better, then this is where the disaster started. She started to take apart the HVAC system piece by piece. There were parts of the HVAC unit all over the home and that’s when I started to worry that my buddy and I were going to have to have our entire HVAC unit replaced! Well, fast forward a week and that’s exactly what happened. I called a local HVAC supplier that was still taking appointments and they sent out an HVAC tech that delivered the poor news!

a/c tune up

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