HVAC technician late to appointment

The HVAC technician was late to the appointment.

  • I was not sure if he was going to show up.It turned out that he was late to the appointment.

I was really unhappy with the service that I received from the HVAC technician. The time of day that the HVAC appointment was was very inconvenient for me to leave work. He did take time out of his day to arrange his schedule to match mine. In the middle of the day, it can be hard to get out of things like that. The HVAC technician really helped me out when it came down to the scheduling. Him being an hour late to the appointment wasn’t the best thing to happen, but it also wasn’t the worst. The main reason I wanted to meet the HVAC technician early was so that I could make my early afternoon meetings. Unfortunately because of the miscommunication in scheduling the HVAC service, I was unable to make my afternoon meetings. It turned out to be OK because I really didn’t want to go to those meetings anyways. My HVAC is running well and I am happy that everything worked out like it did.

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