College going away present

When I was packing to go away for college I was so excited… I had gotten into my dream college, my parents plus Grandparents attended this college as well.

  • I was even going to be staying the same dorm section that my parents stayed in when they attended college.

I thought it was going to be such a fantastic experience plus I was so ready to go out plus be on my own. However, what I did not realize was that since I was going to be staying in the same dorm section as my parents that meant it was pretty old; Everything about my dorm section was old from the elevator to the bathroom, but, I have to say the worst part was the old Heating plus A/C system, but my buddy and I weren’t allowed to control the temperature of the Heating plus A/C system from our room, it was controlled in another building altogether. It was so annoying because on some days it would be ninety degrees outside plus the temperature of our room was eighty degrees, and they could never seem to get the temperature of the Heating plus A/C device right. I asked my RA if there was anything she could do about the faulty Heating plus A/C system, however she said the college had no plans of upgraded to a new Heating plus A/C system anytime soon. I guess they wanted to spend currency a bizarre way, but so I went out a bought a air conditioner window device for my room. I would just sit under it all morning plus let the cool breeze blast on me. This window air conditioner device changed everything!

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