Changing electrical panel after my addition

My house is perfect for one couple and two kids, then sadly my spouse and I have filled the rooms to the max.

We don’t share a room since my pal and I aren’t compatible.

My spouse also needs a living room and my pal and I have two children. The math doesn’t add up; An addition was entirely necessary in order to make everyone comfortable. My spouse wasn’t pleased about doing this upgrade. We had to update the size of our Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment… I had to put in a second bathroom and change the septic system. Another change was the electrical. We needed to update our panel to accommodate the extra square footage and lights. The electrical panel update was extremely pricey however worth it. I didn’t realize how gross and old the previous panel was. It also wasn’t in a fantastic spot, then now it is hidden behind a door, not full to the max, and modern looking. We also have recessed lighting in all our new rooms and it looks so classy. My spouse and I will be paying for our new addition for a long time, however it was worth it. I love that my house now can accommodate all our needs. It was entirely important to me that our kids get their own kitchens as well. I feel they should not have to share if my spouse and I aren’t willing to. The office could not have been nixed either since my spouse is in there most of her afternoon. Thankfully an electrical panel update and recessed lighting was a straightforward service for additions in homes.


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