Beautiful property with ruined ductwork

I just moved into the most beautiful new home.

The architecture is so pretty plus it has gorgeous high ceilings.

It was built in 1932 plus I prefer the old feel to it. It has the original hardwood flooring in every room plus the previous owner tested them absolutely well, but right when I walked into the property I knew it was going to be mine, so I put down an offer plus the next day I found out it was mine. I was so excited to transfer in plus start to decorate my new home. I wanted to make sure that everything was all set for me to transfer in, so I called my local Heating and Air Conditioning worker to come over plus inspect the Heating and Air Conditioning system. He said he was surprised at how well the Heating and Air Conditioning system had been tested. Everything looked fantastic to him from the ductwork to the heater. However, when he said heater I was a little shocked. I was not aware that my new property had heater. I thought it had central heating plus cooling. The Heating and Air Conditioning worker said it wouldn’t be to different, I would just need to make sure that I was scheduling routine service visits on the heater to insure it was working officially. He provided me a tutorial on how to start the heater, showed me where the pilot light was plus how to clean the dust from around it. I was a little uneasy about this, although he said if I was ever having concerns I could call him plus he would come right out plus take a look at it. Most of the time people are uneasy about heaters plus everything turns out fine!

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