The Bigger The System Is Not The Better

My sister lives large.

By living large I mean she has a great job and can afford a big house.

She can afford high-end cars, designer clothes and the best of the best. Sometimes I’m a little jealous of what she can afford but at the same time she can be very materialistic. I’m the opposite, I have a decent job, I drive a cheap compact car and I’ll shop at department stores that give deals on name brand clothes. My house isn’t as big as hers but I don’t need anything too big. She has a family and I just live by myself. She owns her house and I rent mine. I don’t mind renting my house just because my landlord will take care of repairs and if anything goes wrong with my home. She called me up the other day just to say hi and have some small talk. She knows that I don’t have much to say because my life isn’t as exciting as hers. She asked me if she should have an HVAC technician come to her house to check her HVAC system. I asked her what the problem was with her HVAC system because her house is newer. She told me that she thinks that her HVAC system it too big for her home. This is because her utility bills are so high and the temperature in her house is never comfortable. She’s even heard her system turn on and off repeatedly. I agreed with her and told her that she should contact her HVAC technician right away.


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