No cooling system in high college

I can remember being in high college especially when the weather was starting to get hot plus dreading going to college.

  • Our college district did not get a whole lot of funding plus grants from the state because of how small our college was, so because of the lack of funding, my friend and I did not have pricey athletic activitys fields, current hallways or a central cooling system throughout the college.

It didn’t start to get hot out until the middle of April. I can remember complaining to my Dad about how I did not want to go to college because of how hot it was going to be in there. The classrooms did not have any central cooling system. Some classrooms would have a window a/c unit but it still wasn’t as effective as having central a/c; Central a/c is good because there are vents plus forced air is coming out of those vents. The forced air is equally balancing the temperature throughout the room. The window a/c units weren’t all that effective since the temperature in some of the classrooms were not balanced. Window Air conditioning units are effective for smaller rooms but not for the greater classrooms that they were in. It would take at least almost two hours for the classroom to get to the desired temperature that the a/c unit was set to. Now 7 years later, the college has finally received enough currency for a local heating cooling company to install a central heating plus cooling system… Unluckyly I was not able to experience this cooling system but maybe one afternoon my children will be able to.



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