Living near everything

I love where I live.

I live in the city and I am only a 5 minute walk to the grocery store, only 2 minutes from my gym and i’m right around the corner from a brand new new movie theater i just opened up this past month. This movie theater state-of-the-art. I cannot wait to spend all of my weekends there. I just tried it out yesterday and I very impressed with the customer service, the comfortable seats and not to mention the temperature! A lot of my friends wouldn’t even a mention a thing like this but every time I got into a theater I can always hear and feel air. When you go to a theater you should never have to hear the heating and cooling system. If you do then maybe the HVAC unit should be replaced. When I was at this theater I didn’t hear one thing kick on, I was really surprised by this. Prior to seeing my first movie there, I went online and looked at the reviews. There was a person that commented on how comfortable they felt while watching the movie and it seemed as if they had a great heating and cooling system. After seeing that comment I definitely had to check out the temperature and their HVAC system myself. It turns out that the reviewer and I felt the same way. Now I don’t have to worry about bringing a sweater or jacket with me to the movies! With a consistent and comfortable temperature that is set at their thermostat, I am able to go there without worrying about being cold and enjoy a movie and some popcorn!

mini split air conditioner

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