Surprising my child with radiant flooring for her birthday

My mom has given me so much throughout her life; Now I want to be able to give back to her, but i wanted to be able to give something to her that could change her life. I decided to have radiant flooring installed for her. She had no idea about it. I am unsure that she even wanted radiant flooring. She entirely did not even know that it had existed until my associate and I had it installed. I surprised her while she spent the night out with her friends doing some things, and when she came apartment I let her discover the radiant flooring on her own. She first noticed it when she stepped foot on the floor. She thought that something was absolutely on fire because the floor was so warm. She checked the basement to be sure. She had to ask me why the floor was so warm, that was when I had told her. She was thoroughly impressed with my sneaky skills. She was loving the floor. She said that plus the heated flooring, the air felt a lot warmer as well. I told her that this was because the heat from the floor had to go anywhere. The heat rises into the air and even makes the air much warmer. She has not left her apartment in a couple of afternoons now because she has been enjoying it a lot. She never wants to leave the apartment anymore. She even made me go get her groceries the one afternoon, but however, I am done doing that. She has to come out of the apartment now.

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