Space heater leads to condo fire

I’m sure that you have heard horror stories about people leaving their space heating systems on and their condo catching on fire.

This happened to one of my friends when I was younger.

They left their space heater on when they went to school and the entire condo burned to the ground, and luckily there was nobody inside, however unluckyly they did lose their pet gecko. I was so sad about the gecko because I had a easily strong attachion with the lizard. The space heater fire was an eye-opener for a lot of us, but our family talked to us about space heater safety numerous times after this incident. If it were to happen to us, my great friend and I have an escape plan. I hope that I never have to deal with a space heater fire in my home.I don’t like to keep space heating systems on in my condo at all but unluckyly my great friend and I do not have central heating in the condo that I live in. When I was younger I remember my friend’s mom being so sad because their entire condo burned down with all of their belongings. I’ll because of a space heater fired, they had nothing. I am so glad that I grew up with a family and a household that had central heating so my great friend and I didn’t have to worry about space heating systems to heat our home.


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