My Parents Were Using The Same HVAC Company For 10 Years

My parents have been hiring the same corporate HVAC dealership to maintain their HVAC system for the past 10 years.

They claim that they have the best prices and they can’t be bothered to look for a different HVAC dealership. When I moved into the same area as my parents and purchased my own house, I began looking for an HVAC company to service my HVAC system. I knew I wanted to have the HVAC system serviced at least twice per year and I wasn’t expecting any repair work needed, but it was good to plan for the worst. After looking at the corporate HVAC dealership that my parents used, I found that they had the best prices if you hired them strictly twice per year. However, the local, family-owned company had a maintenance plan that included biannual HVAC servicing plus discounts on repair work and parts. There was a list of at least 15 promotions that were included in the HVAC maintenance plan. The price was larger upfront, but when you broke it down, you were only paying $30 more for the biannual servicing and you received all the other discounts and promotions! If anything went wrong with my HVAC system, it would make sense to be a part of the maintenance plan with the local HVAC company. I signed up, and I decided to talk to my parents about it. They were skeptical since they had been using the same HVAC company for 10 years, but they agreed that with their HVAC system being older, the maintenance plan was the best route.

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