I can help humans but I leave it up to an Heating & Air Conditioning professional to help my Heating & Air Conditioning system

I became a doctor because I feel as if humans are the only thing I can help or fix! I like being a doctor because humans can talk to me, however they can tell me how they are feeling & their symptoms. It is usually pretty easy to diagnose a patient with something; However, I do not feel the same way with other things. These other things include critters & technology. I can get a little feedback from critters but not much. They do not talk & tell you exactly how they are feeling, but you pretty much have to guess, however with technology, you just never know if you are doing anything right. You do not even know if you are going in the right direction. With these types of things, I feel as if you never know whether you are really going to fix the problem. You need to know exactly how to fix every problem. This is how I am with my Heating & Air Conditioning system. When something goes wrong, I have no idea what to tell the Heating & Air Conditioning worker. I am not technologically advanced. I do not want him to take advantage of me either for not knowing anything… Anyway, whenever I have a problem I do call an Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. This is easiest for me because I know he will take care of the problem. It is his task to do it, and just like it is my task to be a doctor. I am able to trust in him that he can fix my Heating & Air Conditioning system. If you do not trust someone with this maybe reconsider & call someone else, then leave it up to some who it is their task to do this as well.


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