Air conditioning on full blast leads to unpleasant nap time

I am not someone who wakes up in the morning easily.

  • I often find it to be a struggle.

I get my morning soda that wakes me up for about an hour or two, then after that i can feel the crash coming on. It hits you so fast and it makes you wanna hit the bed. When I feel like that my bed is all I can guess about. I appreciate the feeling of laying in my bed while I have the chilly air running through my house. snuggling in blankets is cozy. I was harshly tired one morning and decided to take a nap. This is straight-forward since I work at home. I can nap whenever I want to. The hard part is falling asleep sometimes. I went to nap and I woke up in a sweat. my household was not that hot when I went to sleep. I knew I was in trouble. It could only mean one thing. It meant that the cooling system was broken. Something had gone wrong and my Heating and A/C company needed to be contacted. They sent an Heating and A/C specialist to help me. When they sent an Heating and A/C specialist, she knew the concern almost immediately. She could tell that I run my cooling system too much and too often. It had taken a lot of wear on tear on the equipment. I couldn’t deny that I like to blast the cooling system. Several parts in my compressor were broken and needed to be updated. These are costly repairs, however they often break when the system has been running too hard. The air filters also needed to be updated because there was a lot of dirt and dust build up. I now know to ease up on the cooling system.



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