What an upgrade with the new heat pump

Buying the big stuff, like cars and appliances, is not something I really look forward to. That stuff is expensive. While I’m very grateful to have what I need and be able to provide for myself and my family, I’m not made of money either. So there is a measure of thoughtful consideration that comes with any type of big purchase. But when it came to the upgrading the HVAC equipment, I sort of had my plan laid out. This is unusual for me. As much as I try to be ordered and organized, I don’t usually get ahead when it comes to saving up for items like heating and cooling equipment. But this time, I started a bit of a savings account when the HVAC unit was more than twenty years old. With all the HVAC maintenance and care that thing got over the years, it had never given us an ounce of trouble. Still, I wanted to be ready when the time came to get new stuff. Well, that time finally got here. The HVAC cooling costs spiked big time and the HVAC technician confirmed my suspicions. So we met with the HVAC contractor and figured out what the next chapter in heating and cooling would be for us. Since I had saved up so much, we were able to go with the latest in residential HVAC and all the HVAC technology that went with it. What I wasn’t expecting was all the savings I got from the new HVAC unit. The SEER rating is so much higher and the HVAC so much more efficient that I’m paying far less in HVAC costs and that has been a wonderful bonus with having this great HVAC equipment.

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