Three mile ride in climate control

My friend came to visit me yesterday and it just reinforces my joy of not having to drive a car anymore.

She was quite stressed out from having to navigate through a lot of traffic and hunt around for a parking space. Something which is foreign to me, now that I get around on a bike only, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I think the only way I would get into a car and drive nowadays would be when we get a tour going with our band and want an air conditioned RV to get from gig to gig in. I think that is the only way that I would get behind a wheel anymore after swearing off driving some eight years ago. Now I get to enjoy natural climate control on my bike with the breeze from the ocean and not have to worry about problems with the heating or cooling system in my car. I am finding that the simpler I make my life the happier I become. I don’t have to buy or repair my HVAC system in my home anymore because I sold my home to a local contractor and now rent. All of the repairs to my flat are done by my landlord, and the best part of all is he has to pay for it all also. I just have to contact the local business and set up a time to have the cooling technician come out to fix my HVAC system, then the landlord writes the check!

New HVAC systems

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